My name is Dawid Werens and I help small and medium businesses achieve their goals through design and strategy. I have experience in cooperation with individual clients as well as advertising agencies / design studios.

Foundation of all my activities is always clean organisation and communication - I believe that understandable cooperation is the key to success. 

To achieve the set goals, I use a process that focuses on three main stages:
1. Discovering - is about researching, consulting and collecting information.
2. Defining - is focused on determining key information (challenges, needs, goals, etc.) and developing strategy.
3. Designing - is searching right creative direction based on prepared strategy and creating effective solutions and unique experiences.

Each stage provides value and entire process is flexible - adapted to your needs. My mission is to lead us together through this process and to design solutions that will help you in achieving your goals.

If you want to know more, please contact with me.
The scope of my services

Graphic design for print and digital, corporate identity, web design, strategy, project management and consulting.
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